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Poetry, writing, blogging isn’t something I do for my hobby. It’s my life. I have never achieved something that I can be proud of. When I blog on this site I feel like home. I feel like a 3year old kid running towards something so fast that it goes away from her. When I started this site I never knew how to write a poem without rhyming. It was like a mat and a bat coming after 1line is a poem. It took me 2years to come this far. Trust me what hurts me the most is I’m just a few steps ahead of where I came from.

Today I want to write my heart, sorry if you feel this annoying. I am annoying because there is an ambitious girl hidden inside me who don’t know how to quit, she just knows how to grind. I am not a perfect writer but all I am is quirky and fascinated by life. I didn’t know where my life would take me. When somebody asks me where do you see yourself in the next five years, all I could say is in a bench writing poems. That is the amount of love I have for poetry. I have no dream, no future expectations but a few months before I got only 100views in a week. That was sad. It took me in a zone of depression. I don’t know why our community doesn’t support us. Are we not family? A dwelling where we want to go? Is appreciating someone so hard?

No right, I am not saying I want views or something. I want appreciation like every other writer. Every writer should be appreciated if not by the viewers, they should be appreciated by their fellow writers. Because I being a writer knows it’s hard to concentrate on something when it doesn’t love you back. So go read every blog if you are writing in this platform. Give something back. I am not saying comment on anything which is utter nonsense but at least make time to comment on a valuable post. This isn’t about me it’s about every other folk writer who is underrated.

Sorry if I hurt anybody out there. Comment if you agree.

-Riya Shah (blessed)

By Ray


16 replies on “Support bloggers”

I really enjoy reading what my fellow bloggers / writers experience during their creative travails.

And I wholeheartedly agree with you. Agree with every word and thought you have put down.
Perhaps you may enjoy this. (Linked below)

I have spilled a lot of virtual ink not just on writing, but on writing about writing.
As I keep reminding you.

Please have a wonderful day and never ever even think about stopping or even think about getting discouraged.

Hope I am making some semblance of sense here.

All My Best to You,
–Lance—Happy Member of the Crazy Club we call Our Blogging / Writing Community.


Wonderful World of Worthy Writers!

If you have already read this, I apologize.
I am just exploring your work and came across this post of yours and it moved me.
You write sincerely from your heart and I appreciate that.

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Ohh! that sounds great. Where are you from?
Btw I write what I feel. There isn’t a specific genre in my poetries. I’m a freestyle poetry writer. I like it to be natural from the heart. I don’t like made-up things. It’s like worshipping

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Fantastic! I used to write a bit of poetry way back in the day. What kinds of poems do you like?

At the moment, I’m just blogging… but I’ve dabbled in a little bit of everything.

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I don’t know Helen, it was my love towards writing I guess. This place is my actual home. I don’t know what will I do if I don’t write. Thank you for writing your thoughts ❤ Pleased that you to feel the same.

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