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Fire in her soul, she doesn’t care of you at all,

Fearless and sweet, you’ll see when you meet.

Having words of an angel, but the actions are demonic,

Directed to the things she yearns for,

She has her longings above herself.

There exists no one who could tell her,

What to do, what not to,

She got her things done, with you or without you.

Everything or nothing, there is no compromise,

She is the ogre you fear, still, she is wise.

To herself and her lover.

Mars queen she is known as, she is a fire sign,

The energy of ram, she is blessed and powerful.

You can look at her soul and feel the whole universe,

Leeway and fortune are her only goals.

Her eyes on you and you’ll be honored,

don’t fiddle with her, she’ll show her strengths.

A sign to be adored as it shows empowerment,

In an era where people thinks women are powerless.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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