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Hearkening heart

I never listen to my head, it’s very practically involved,

On the things that don’t need speculating,

As I’m never done with the world.

I’m emotionally connected with you,

You who is a component of the realm.

None can define a humans intellect,

So why to believe about what others reckon.

Let’s just be free birds and chose our sky,

Even if you want mine, I’ll be fine.

As I do want me fighting battles that aren’t a virtue,

I will never lose my stature by not being a good combatant.

I never listen to my head, as it speaks the truth,

I want to I experience before anything, I would.

In the verge, it’s my heart to let me be unrestricted,

As it shows me paths that are realistic.

Sometimes, I fall, I lose and then I recover.

It’s the theory of life,

there is no joyous existence without bearing suffer.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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