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Best friends

When they asked me to be my best friend before anybody else, I remember those lonely nights which I spent solitary. In the darkroom with the cloud inside my essence, surrounding my heart. Do you know those clouds were raven in colour, I could barely see anything? You ask me to be my friend, but it will cost me all those happiness and joy I could scarcely have afterwards.

Sharing moments with yourself is the quality time I know, but living with yourself is harder than dwelling with those toxic people who you loathe. A feeling I never wanted to discern as it comes with all the evening walks without holding hand with someone I could rely on. Someone I could go to whenever I see myself as a nonentity.

I am a lethal person myself. The air of agony and desperation to be sufficient, I lacked. I can’t stay deserted from everybody because it will be a torture for myself. So I would never suggest you be your only best friend, no you can’t. It will only give you depression and anxiety. I would surely ask you to explore friendships or any relationship. It’s wonderful to comprehend.

I am already my best friend that doesn’t mean I can live introverted every time. No, I can’t. Yes, I do like to live isolated when I’m pessimistic but I do want somebody to look after me and that’s fine. When you want somebody by your side that doesn’t mean you are somehow dependent on them. That doesn’t mean that they are the only person you have to be with. Best friends aren’t supposed to be in a contract of constraints. You can have as many best friends as you want. You have to stay loyal to each one of them.

You can’t win a battle alone, even when it’s of sorrow. You need someone hand to fight with the sword they borrowed. At the end who remains loyal to you, that’s Joey to your Chandler. You can have many best friends like people sitting on the big couch of central park have.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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