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Fights forever

After a huge argument, he went,

Clenched his bag in his hand.

Glanced at me and implored,

Can we go back to where we came from?

I stood up in the middle of his chatter,

For me, he knew it was his contentment that matter.

I took my satchel of admiration,

Put all my happiness in it, and left.

He was stunned, looking for warfare,

I asked him to let everything disappear.

I left the room vacant, cramming everything in the sack,

And asked him to settle before,

a moment alone I wanted to have.

He let me go, to my place of sadness

After a few moments, I went back to room.

I saw all the articles on the sofa of pleasure,

As my craving mind still asked wondered,

Why did you unload everything you packed before?

In the disgrace of things he didn’t commit,

He asked me- what going on and how can we fix it?

I looked at me intensively, I saw

A tear was falling from his oceanic eyes,

With a grace, only few could possess.

Till the time I could adore his essence,

He busted out of fondness and said,

Will you acknowledge my apology?

I smirked at all the things he did,

I went on my knees where he was sitting,

Settling his hand on my body,

Only this corpse isn’t yours, the whole soul you possess,

I won’t let these conflicts take my trooper away,

My home is where my lover stays.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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