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Myself first

I put myself first, as I’ve been damaged,

By the people, I thought were priorities.

He was king of my heart I was wishing to be his,

As he came near to me, they said I was infatuated.

I’ve been an armour in the battlefield of love,

I felt betrayed by his delinquents.

Did you ever thought I deserved some clarity,

In the beginning, that you’ll go,

The next night, feeling my corpse.

I intended to overhaul, the scrapes

But they are so external, I couldn’t reach.

Longing for you I was been sightless,

Couldn’t see what you gave rise to.

But now I feel so much better,

As you’ve gone, now you aren’t my home.

Forthwith I put myself above everything,

As I have been worsened by all.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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