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Heaven (a nightmare)

I danced with the demon, holding his hands,

The hold heaven knew I was in love,

But I’ll withstand with their hatred.

They asked me not to fell in love with,

The misery who occurred to the joy.

I wish I could tell, he knew he wasn’t in the space,

Of someone admiring his innocence.

A rebellion took birth in their place.

They asked me why have I been so unjust,

Ghouls aren’t allowed in a place they call heaven.

A place where pleasure began,

They can’t see my contentment living there.

Assassinating him was their plan of action,

They came closer to us,

With heaving heart, I left, as it was just unacceptable.

He wiped my tears off the suffering,

Held me and took me to his dwelling.

All the demons asked why I came there,

He said he is in love with an angel.

They came closer to me too,

Kissing my head and asked me what I wish for,

I could feel how paradise could be a nightmare,

in the blink of an eye, at any moment.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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