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Know you more

I want to know you more. When I say this I mean I want to know how you feel about us too. I want to know that the time we’ve been spending together is worth every star pinned in the sky with lightning. I see the stars existed because the moon wanted company too. Of many beautiful gleams that are of the same kind. Are you being with someone other than me too? Who makes you feel an enormous creature too?

When I see you with her, I want to know is she that soul you keep talking about. Do you know I feel annoyed when you talk about her? She looks sunshine to me. A ray that hits upon you and bring out the things I always searched in you. That little bit of everything from your dwelling. She fetches everything out and leaves you empty. Do you know how I feel while I look into your eyes and doesn’t see them looking back at me? It feels like a heart stroke, I feel dead and a dead human being can be of no use.

When I say I want to know you more it means that I want to know all the things you never told me. All those things you are hiding within your uncovered heart. I think I could read everything that your heart wants to confess as I want you to tell me. I want you to utter the mystery I have been solving from last year’s. You say they aren’t important but I know they are the most valuable things that why they are hidden. And till the time you will be maintaining it I want you to know that I’ll be happening on.

And then when I will say want to know you more, please do recite every narration that you’ve been writing.

By Ray


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