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Clouds above

I collected the clouds in my pocket,

The snowy turned fog is mesmerising you’ll see.

When you feel the need to go the heaven above,

You can sit in the mist floating freely.

The aura above will have a different taste,

When you smell it you won’t believe in destiny or fate.

I’ll still crouch near you holding urges,

Say what you prefer, I won’t hold grudges.

Choices are made after being selfish,

As selflessness does abandon us, with compromises.

When you prefer you’ll have whatever you are willing.

Still, I will let you take the clouds with you,

As it’s murky and the sky isn’t blue.

You can glide wandering above,

In the cloudburst, you won’t get wet,

As you are hunching above in the sky,

You are sitting in a cushion all white.

Just be there always and you’ll be known as the rainbow,

With all colours, you’ll make a beautiful view.

Riya Shah

By Ray


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