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Dangerous women

They called us vulnerable,

I thought of the place they came from.

I am an unworthy woman and their mother is a God.

I feel pity as to claim we women prevails,

In a realm where there is no space for us.

No feminism today my ears will be listening,

I ain’t your goddess, I won’t take the privilege.

Your body is gifted, having a physique I discern,

This corpse you are flaunting is who’s creation, my love?

There isn’t equality they said to me,

Some say the creator is one and everybody humane within.

We don’t want to be the creator,

when we’ve created somebody like you.

Today I’ll say some words with the utmost respect,

Oh, dear society let’s just not forget,

A baby comes from a woman womb,

Who is weaker me or you?

Let no gender be said unarmed, not him nor her,

a man is the backbone of the house I agree, a woman is a mother.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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