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She is mesmerizing

With every strand of her hair,

I behold an independent woman.

She is admired by people where she goes,

In the addiction of her,

they are drunken sitting there in the moon.

Her heart is willing to relinquish, to one that she overlooked.

A soul admired even by the one above,

Stardust in her veins, she is a lightning bolt.

When you see her ravines,

nothing is more mesmerizing than her,

I see her bridges compiled together,

She is in the echoes of the mountains above.

When you wail her name,

you feel the presence of her within.

Her autonomy transpires when you see her coming,

With everything she possesses,

Her heart is made of hold,

with which none should ever mess.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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I would like of konw if I can use your post for my project.
Say with on Instagram please @izaq16


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