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Value of misery

In the shadow of the sky we go,

Getting all the other paths which lead to ecstasy.

As our existence endures with the happiness you see.

There is no life if you aren’t pleased,

They say sadness is a misery.

I feared life from the time blessed me with happiness,

As the rollercoaster ride would be over,

I always wanted to go down before coming up.

A few places I wandered to feel the unhappy,

I am numb and my happiness is taken off,

It’s isn’t a curse to be disheartened,

It leads to a living sometimes worth all the contentment.

I feel saddened about the human who never wanted to be tragic,

A sky when turns blacks make everybody asleep,

Peace where the body could rest and calm,

There is a level of certainty.

The next day with all hope we rise,

If the night makes us calm, the day makes us wise.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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