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Your essence

I like people who have the personality of their own. As sunflower doesn’t have to be a rose just to be adored. It holds so much in itself that no other blossom could. Why does anybody have to act to be recognised in a group? I don’t think you belong in a place where there is nobody to cherish you. The real you without any Instagram or snap chat filter. I’ve seen people trying to fit in knowing it leads to a place where you can’t come back by your own. Changes in human nature is a massive thing. You can’t think about changing it over night.

A writer has different roles to play in every write-up but we don’t adapt or be a character. We know we can’t be a fictional human being who doesn’t exist. There would be a reason why he or she doesn’t because God has created only one edition of you. There is no supplementary and you not respecting his hard work creating you is awful. When I was at my teenage I thought of being someone who listens to everybody and doesn’t even think once before sacrificing. But later I understood that it’s better to say things and to be opinionated about certain.

Your stand shows your temperament and you trying to suppress yourself in this world where everybody is human without having a humane heart. It takes all of you to show what you feel. The only thing which you possess other than your body and soul is your personality. Which can be demonic or angelic doesn’t matter but what matters is showing the real you. In the end, nobody is going to see your kindness if it doesn’t exist within. The one who is seeing you is sitting above and watching all the quirks you do without losing your essence.

Never lose yourself finding someone who doesn’t exist.

Show what’s inside because you can’t act all your life just to please people who aren’t worth it.

There are situations unpredictable, your actions will demonstrate your soul.

Kindness breathes in a heart which doesn’t let go of things which value.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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