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You pick my call, you’re driving me crazy,

As you clear your stuff, you smell like a daisy.

I’m tired of you intemperance, as I’m feeling it,

If you’ll leave me unconvinced, I’ll be perishing.

The echoes of your words are making me lose my calm,

I’m cold, I’ll freeze keeping up with you,

Still making blaze to keep you warm.

You are lost in your thoughts,

I wish I could make you stop, thinking them.

But your drunkenness self is wholly in defence,

I ain’t the warrior you should be battling with,

Are the beliefs of devils chore you’ve been thinking.

I wish I could clam you or you could understand,

Firewater will assassinate.

No dilemma it could decipher,

You’ll be lifeless, but it isn’t your fate.

So quit it before it devours you,

I crave you here with me.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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