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Refinement inside

Have you ever discern the mole,

Under my chin which is hardly seen with naked eyes?

My granny used to tell me it is the sign of beauty,

God always want you away from the evil eyes.

Is it possible to discover someone’s beauty, by a mere black blotch?

I asked her about how someone can be beautiful innermost,

As for me, I wanted to glow from within more.

She told me kindness is the key to attain refinement inside,

The world is creating dark sins, you better shine.

It will reveal in your redness of cheeks,

The secret to the grandeur you’ll find.

Every good deed will make you nicer,

Doing good will never make you blind.

When you be the light in their twilight,

That day you’ll uncover the mysterious beauty inside.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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