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In your womb

In your womb, I see all the scrapes,

Those words and curse that are concealed in your face.

I discover the feelings hidden too,

The love you hauled within was true.

Marks outside your abdomen are of wars,

You fought with the world unsure.

The society where your existence was unnoticed,

Do you think I could survive here within you?

A mother in you is caring for me,

I’m afraid about the bruises you’ll get after seeing me.

I’m a daughter made from the dirt they’ll assert,

They’ll slaughter me before I could learn to say a word.

I’m in your womb, my love,

I hope you understand that I’ll remain your blood.

Even when they won’t approve of me,

I am born within you, you are my almighty.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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