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Dear body,

Today I want to write a letter to you. I’m utmost in guilt because I’ve troubled you for being uneven. From the beginning, it was you handling the traumas and coverings. In the air which was meant to be inhaled by you, you couldn’t acknowledge it. Coated in the clothes that weren’t of your size still suppressing you from the judgments of everybody. I am remorseful for myself as I took their side when what I possess was you. In the arms of society whose only motive was to degrade your beauty, I bestowed them you.

I remember when I was 10, I hated my eyebrows. Being a unibrow I was so unhappy that I felt that my face is ugly, I use to believe it wasn’t normal. After passing my high school I saw my freckles getting larger, covering my nose. Some people use to say I look different but I never wanted to be unique as uniqueness meant lonesome for me, so I concealed my nose with lots of makeup trying to be the allure.

Later, I discovered that people create their freckles because it looks elegant. So I stopped covering them. That juncture I had a new problem related to my figure. As I was a very thin girl without any curves. Later I got fat. They teased me back then, they tease me now too. So beauty is undefined. It’s what comes from inside.

I rewrote my definition of beauty according to them. That was my assault to you. But now I do understand that however, you are, you were and you will be mine to be cared for.

Unconditional love and devotion to you.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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