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My wings disappeared at the time I decided to fly,

I felt the hunger, I couldn’t gnaw on, I don’t know why.

In the poetry, I once found love,

disappeared in a blink of eye.

The rain was so strong, my shelter demolished in one night.

He came closer and my world was upside down,

There was no temperament just a clown.

I went towards the gravel to climb,

Slumping in the verge where I once initiated my fight.

Stars tumbling down, I once wished for,

The glimmer within went darker than the twilight.

I make the same mistakes, I don’t learn,

I keep committing to the one, I once learned lessons by.

I try to cope up with me, wrecked and electrified.

So if you want to come and breathe,

With the one that has already been starved,

I will beg you evacuate before you embark to be.

As the birds don’t try to take,

the other unsteady one, even when he’s weak.

So, please abandon me before it’s too late,

To overcome your mistake of loving me.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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