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Hardship is the truth

Finding happiness vent in vain,

There is nonentity you can gain.

I asked almighty, what is it all about?

Is the outcome that satisfactory that I’ve dreamed about?

He said- I won’t attain the glory without tragedy,

As the conclusion is beautiful because of the contusions,

We get, in the way towards fate.

The steps amounted to something,

The way towards halting happenings.

You reside there, but you have to leave,

A sweater gets dirty after it’s weaved.

The hardships won’t end, pleasure is a myth,

Doesn’t mean you stop doing hardship.

Difficulties won’t cease, they’ll become smaller,

Enjoyment will last, furthermore distress too.

The fruit can be bitter or delightful,

For that, you’ve to taste and chew.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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