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You occurred

I fear the time when you chose me,

what was your intention?

Was it out of love or mere attraction,

Was it the anxiousness that you’ll be alone for eternity,

As for me, you weren’t somebody sudden.

I kept you hidden in my diary for years,

You are my beginning of perfect affection.

As when I first saw you I felt,

Those eyes were looking at me with the urge to be there evermore,

To see them crying and laughing,

at junctures that would eventually go.

I believed them like they were my component to have faith in,

The next moment, I was holding your hands and breathing.

I kept inhaling your essence,

Protecting it within myself, you occurred to me even more.

Profundity I found was intriguing,

You met me and in you, I was dwelling.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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