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Love (the beginning) Part-1

She was in love with him since she was nine,

I’m reciting a story of two divines.

They lived in a small town near the wilderness,

When the sky turned pink, they would convene,

They were the exemplar of the fondness, I once imagined exist.

Nadish and Amara were so compassionate,

They said they were bounded together in fate.

Slowly and gradually their love increased,

The villagers tried to disentangle them,

Saying they weren’t meant to meet.

That woodland tree remembered them, as she confessed,

she told me they had many years of togetherness.

Acknowledging how Amara use to sit below her she said,

Nadish was unaware of the devotion Amara had.

He was intense but free from the world,

She kept waiting for him in the boundary shelter.

Many women were in love with his utterance,

Nadish was mesmerized in the beauty of Amara’s presence.

A gracious being who was captivating,

Was stuck with a brine who was self-sufficient of him.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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