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Out of his comfort (Part 3- The Grace Of The Ocean)

I have been in utmost amenity,

I would let myself explore, they say it’s a different reality.

My love isn’t visible to her,

maybe I should show some unusual.

In the shower of pride, I’m wet,

I don’t want to give up on her,

She is the human I yearned for,

to be my reality in uncertainties.

I should have been humble to her,

As the sky asked me to be.

The warmth she holds within is more than the sun carry.

She will be my endlessness

in my existence which is all a mess,

Genuine love in my sense, I feel complete in her presence.

Where is she now, beneath the tree or the sky,

I haven’t seen her from a while.

I should search for her in the wild,

She is the queen of the grove I can’t deny.

Nadish wanted to be out of his comfort,

I was cherishing the love he meant uttering all his words.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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