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I don’t want to hear my name,

Out of your mouth, I’m already ashamed.

You are so undefined, so cooler than mine,

I am sorry but I don’t want you to get blamed.

I expected you, for the first time when I was craving for love,

From my beloved, but you can be a shame to my mistakes,

The only thing I hate is to get slammed,

From the universe controlling my mind.

I walk barefoot on the grass,

In a vast grassland without getting tanned.

Some people sugar-coat and play the victim card,

As it’s an award to those who are betrayed for,

For the thing, they’ve performed.

And the world still goes around them,

They cry those tears of blame and everybody got accused,

Without doing anything wrong.

Still, I don’t want to hear my name,

From your mouth, as I’m already ashamed and there is no doubt.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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