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The First Step ( Part 3- The Grace Of The Ocean)

She was his admiration hidden somewhere,

Without her glimpse, he was anxious and feared.

Finding her in the world of conflicts,

He knew she was in the sadness,

concluding her existence is a misfit.

Beginning to find her in the laughter of gloom,

Shifting curtains with his broom.

The loneliness kept his willingness alive,

He was a pure soul for his love to strive.

On the leaves, the raindrops were stuck,

He touched them thinking where was his love.

Conveyed his anxiety to every townie he met,

His love knew no bounds,

she was his understandable residence.

He lived in her soul for almost half of his life,

Amara wasn’t a girl, she was the soul of the divine.

He told and left to rummage again,

In the winter snow, in the lonely nights.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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