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You’re beautiful

But I see that you’re beautiful,

An essential chemical in my science lab.

The book of my favourite subject,

You know you make me forget all the algebra, they said,

Was important to recollect and now I feel so numb.

You are my library of emotions and silence,

I know there is a consequence, of loving you.

Let it be, let it be, let it be,

The only thing only thing only thing,

I want you to say is to you will be,

With me and my insecurities.

Cause you are so beautiful,

so critical to my highs and lows,

You are mermaid, else are just fishes in the pond.

The stars are falling in your arms,

Just let them stay, they make you more elegant.

I’ll be your fantasy, you be my secrecy.

We’ll stay this way, that’s the only way to love.

Let the paper plane fly in the world we can’t deny,

And make its way to the sky.

Our bridge heaven has made, we’ll call in the rainbow.

We are so endorsed by the night.

Climbing to the moon seeing light and then we fly.

But you giggle cause you’re beautiful,

My favourite colour in my book, I keep it safe.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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