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2:06 A.M

Hey, mates! It’s 2:06 A.M in the night and the sky is all black like a lady wearing a gown, who’s been playing the demonic role in her whole existence. Yet, I am awake and I don’t know why. Things are wandering around in my head telling me those fireflies I thought gleams light out of affection are gleaming through my unaffected time too. I feel an unconsciousness in my limbs as I try to convey about my dreams to anybody. It is a feeling of somebody tickling so hard in my abdomen that I feel like a dead person.

I miss everybody today. People who used me for there happiness I miss them too. As these dreams they said would never be accomplished by me, I am sitting in its chair of glory. I feel numb as those tears I’ve been giving to those heartless creatures will never come back. I wasted my emotions on humans who haven’t any. Still, the part I am writing this blog is something else. It’s not about me missing people who aren’t worth my missing but myself. My feelings, my sentiments, my beliefs and love. Right now I am in a mind where I want to cry because of the things I thought I would achieve this year but didn’t. I want to smile because this year taught me that opportunities aren’t waiting for you, you have to go and grab them wherever you see.

I being an autonomous girl wanted everything to be done by me. All the work, all the hustle but this month I’ve been stuck around people who were just wasting my time. I was worried about when will I write my blogs as my target was 5poetries per day and I wasn’t able to write those poetries. I wanted a kindle published book this year and guys I am thinking about publishing a book next month. I don’t know if I would be able to give my time to this website as I used to, but one thing that I am sure about is I would post as many poetries as I can in WordPress. I would be an active poet all my life. Wish me luck with my new project and thank you for supporting me and loving my work.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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