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My book is on Amazon

Hey guys, just wanted you people to know that I’ve written a poetry book and it’s live on Amazon kindle. Right now it’s just an ebook version but this week I’ll publish it’s paperback as well. I hope you being my readers and family would read it and review it for me. I don’t want just your appreciation but reality. I want you to read it for the love of your writing. I love you all and I value each one of you. I am here because of you all. So thank you so much guys for your love and support through my thick and thin. You are my God. You gave me the confidence I lost in myself.
So do check it out and review. I am open to accepting everything.

Please. ❤The book name is – THE CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE BY RIYA SHAH (Ray). It’s a kindle publication.

Gratitude, when I say this word I feel all the things, my mother did for me. Like an ocean so deep, I am living within it for years. I have no word to utter when it about everything my parents did for me. I feel gratitude towards the universe which gave me everything I ever wished for.
I remember my mother use to say you should be grateful for every little aspect of life which made you heal you, break you or take you. I never hearken her but I knew deep down that she was right. Not only because thanking everybody is necessary but because you value things more. Whatever you’ve earned, occupied or bestowed with. You feel grateful for the rain in summers and the winter snow.
I affirm this sentence every day.
Acknowledgement is fundamental and I believe in every small aspect of life which made me who I am today.  I am a sunflower who have it all and wish to earn more.
I am so thankful to my readers as well. You people are the reason why I can sleep in peace at night. Your appreciation made me who I am today.

By Ray


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