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I am numb

Hello people. ❤

I am very sorry for not posting anything regularly. I was busy with my book. I don’t know if it was worth my time, my peace or my mental health but I did it because I wanted to. But now that I’ve published it I am numb. Every part of my heart is asking for the fruit. The fruit my mother told was the sweetest. I did everything possible to make it worth every readers time but in India Amazon does not sell the paperback. I didn’t know about it before as everybody in the amazon customer service in India told me that you can publish a paperback in India and your Indian readers could read it and buy it from Amazon. Due to some reason, I couldn’t reach the kindle department so I emailed the kindle department to call me if they can.

Today I received a call from a customer service agent, she was a foreigner. She told me that kindle does not print their book in India because of many reasons. My heart drowned in the ocean of my distress. I don’t know what to do or where to go. They only reason that I am blogging today is that I am numb. I want you guys to tell me what to do. Please comment if you can. Your advice will mean a lot. I love you. ❤

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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