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You left

Now that I think about the feeling of you leaving your own house it feels vacant. It feels vacant like a body incomplete. It feels like a feeling even my love for you couldn’t beat. I am an incomplete home without you. A heart which forgot how to function, as suddenly your demise makes it numb. For once can you tell me where are you? Where there is no display of your love to me. Unveiled feeling I felt once, now my craving it become. I was an insensible resisting your love. Now it became my shelter. The shelter which is still yours to live, where did you go leaving me incomplete.

See these flowers in our yard has worsened listening, without you my life will be withering. Can you now hold my hands like you did when you wanted attention? For once can you confide me your presence? Unable to fit in this world, I have become a missing part of your puzzle.

I confessed to you that this building isn’t my dwelling, you are my home. Every brick of it reminds me of you. And now I am all shattered without you I am a flesh with no love.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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