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Wrapped up

I feel that I am wrapped up in those beautiful gifting wrappers having many hearts printed on it. Those hearts having no owners but still beautifully engraved. I am a godsend gift, my mother usually say to me but why? Every wrap hurts my corpse, every scratch is bestowed to me by my own. Every name which is written on the sticker is a burden to me. I feel no emotion but the responsibility of giving everything back.

They say I am an emotionless fella, selfless when it comes to me. A blossom expecting water from none but the sky above me. The trees too agree on whatever they say, I feel a little uncomfortable as the trees are there to see everything but me. Occupied by the bushes I feel uneasy, like society surrounding me by their myths and believes.

I am no natures blessing with uncertainties. I am an undying urge to believing that happiness exists. With every beautiful deed, I’ve done, I will never conclude that there is everything natural and I am a blessing to her.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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