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My first kid

A relation in the grave is above everybody engraved in my life. His body doesn’t exist, but his soul is mine for life. Showing me paths that lead to heaven, as he can’t see me in discomfort. I’ve been in love, but he wasn’t my lover. Devotion doesn’t prevail just in soulmates, it prevails within every human. I feel an urge to see him again, as his eyes always craved my presence. I am a helpless person who has nonentity when it comes to asking him back. I miss him in the teardrops, I miss him through my soul, I miss him and it isn’t pleasuring to the eyes, it isn’t bearable to my soul.

He was a baby given to me as a gift, I was six and mother within me exists. He was a big kid I had, I lost him and I am 20. Do you know what it feels to lose someone you think is your baby that too a fully grown emotional human?

A part of me is dead, a part of me is still living, a part of me exits for him.

If I’ll have kids in future, I will surely tell them how he never took his medicines on time and waited for me in the midnight. How he always asked me to bring chocolates for him and always ended up sharing half of it with me as I was 9. Little things about me made me a mother, but this mother couldn’t see his child as she was younger.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


4 replies on “My first kid”

Wow! An Amazing piece! So moving, loving and filled with deep emotions!! So beautiful!!!
I especially loved your lines – “I miss him in the teardrops, I miss him through my soul,”

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