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I so want to sleep, but my eyes are afraid to see nothing when I shut them up. Do you know there are trillions of pieces floating in my body of my heart? It’s been 12days and I am trying to be normal but whenever I think of you my tears fall like my world. Can’t beat my heartbeats, can’t beat your love, I am just a human and you above God. So just wanted to tell you this home is now a brick cage for me, with memories of yours it is somehow tolerable to me. But until when can I ignore your leaving when they say you left I stop believing.

These days people think that our generation will never get attached to their grandparents and will always try to ignore them and their tales. Trust me they will not. I am this generation and luckily I lived with both of my grandparents. My grandma died when I was very young so I could barely remember how she was but my grandpa lived 84years. Today is the 13th day of his demise. Yeah, I lost him. He was a very fun-loving man who use to love chocolates and toffees. He was into tv serials and would remember every detail about them. I was his princess mom. I use to do the bare minimum for him that I could. His medicines, his food, his mobile recharge everything that an old man need for living. I hated when somebody would ask me his age because I never wanted to tell them that. He was a 4year old for me who just knew how to walk to his newspaper table and come back to his room once he finished reading the whole news.

I was so much attached to him but when he left I got fine after one day. As when I looked into his face when he died I saw him satisfied. I never knew he would go while sleeping and would never return. I don’t know why but today I am telling you all this so that you could understand that we the kids of today’s generation are emotion fools. So let us live with family. Together. Let us live with our grandparents just to understand that every old person is like our kid who needs your love, attention, pampering and everything which is the bare minimum. Give them the blessing of having their grandparents.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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