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It’s fine 2020

This year took so much away from me, but it’s fine. Things won’t be the same I know, but the star shining upon me is enough. The land embracing my presence shows me how grateful should I be, as the world is in my hand. I wouldn’t be the same I swear to you, I will be the rebellious one, I’ll be more into myself than any other in this world. I’ll cherish what 2021 will bring, I hope it doesn’t snatch people from my dwellings womb, in the meantime I’ll be nice to let myself explore more. I’ll cry too as tears mean warriors in my ground, I won’t hide as I exist because I am an artist sent to show off her flaws. My happiness will be visible to you, my dark times would be dancing too, I’ll be like rain sometimes every drop of me would help someone nourish their thirsty souls. I’ll be a beauty clown you’ll see me in my best and laugh at me too.

Bye-bye 2020. You weren’t good for us, but you let us stay with the people’s we wanted to stay in our dark times.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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