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Sadhus (holy person)

Sadhus are religious ascetic in Jainism and Hinduism referred to as Yogis. The spirits that are pure as God and have a direct connection with him. Devoting for him is the only thing that connects to him they say, they could communicate with him as they are an almighty favourite kid. They practice Sadhana and follows spiritual discipline.

Hinduism is an art of living I feel but for them, it’s a religion which must be followed in the disciple. Many questions arise in my heart I fail to explain that why do we bury them and why are Hindu mortal burnt when dead. Today I am raising a question for which I am sorry as sometimes some questions raised hurt some hearts, sometimes it becomes a controversy.

Why do we bury Sadhus in the land? Why does a holy person take “Samadhi” in the land?

Today I asked my father the same question he told me that Sadhus and Yogis are so inclined towards devotion that when they die they are tied with a chair and then people throw sand above them. It’s called Samadhi. Still, I didn’t get an answer to what I asked him. Dad, why do we bury them when we are burnt when we die? Disciplines should be followed by everyone. If we are a religion. I feel Hinduism is an art of living and there is nothing wrong about it.

Believe in things that are worth believing.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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