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Cool parenting

I wish my parents were cooler than what I think I would be as a parent. The funny thing is I ain’t even married so my kids are imaginary. I a girl who is born and brought up in a society where everybody doesn’t respect their child and want everyone to respect them had a very controversial family. No, the controversy was not about the fights in the family but everything that was so uncool about my family. Do you know I am a middle class? I bet you don’t because I ain’t. I am an upper-middle-class living the life of a middle class and society thinks that I am richer than Modi. MODI JI is our prime minister by the way. I don’t know why I wrote his name but never mind. So talking about my parenting I as a kid always wanted to go out for partying and staying in my friend’s house. That’s it. I never wanted to do drugs nor did I wanted to get a boyfriend or anything that an India parent would mind. But being a girl who was a blessing to my family according to my parents never had permission to party.

What is wrong with partying?

Everything. You can’t party in teenage because you are studying in a co-education. There are boys. So those who aren’t from a country where your boy is a man of the house and could do wrong and somebody else boy is a rapist won’t know that what I am talking about. Jokes apart. That’s was the main reason why I never had gone to a party. Yeah, I have attended parties but they were parties that included aliens who just have controversial backgrounds and knew how to create them. I am talking about my relatives.

Who are relatives?

People who have 4mouths and 6legs which are invisible. Yes, you can’t see them. Now you’ll ask me what do they do with these many mouths. They talk bad about other kids and pass judgements about everybody. Legs to run from work which they are responsible for in relations.

Me as a parent

I want to clear one thing which would be in your mind after reading all the above stuff that how bad my parents and relatives are. They aren’t bad. They are just stuck in a mentality which is of none but our ancestors. Do you know what I want to be? A good ancestor. They one who would be in controversies for doing good and letting everybody do what they think is right. I’ll be like my possessive parents too. I know will let my kids party but not after a certain timing because like my parents I would be a possessive parent.

I’ll be like my parents taught me to be but a better version of them.

By Ray


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