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You are my luck. When I say this I mean you are more than a rare blessing which would last more than “jug”. Now you’ll ask me where this word came to my mind, it came when I bent down for respecting as Hindus do that to show honour to elderly beings. She said to me “jug jug jiyo” and then ask me to marry when I was a teen. Do you understand how to murder after you are set free?

The time I met you I was free because your blue eyes showed me the blue sky. It was painted by you. That rawness freaked me out and make me wonder to island and timbers. I know there was water too, but what’s the connotation of the forest without a pond mesmerizing the creatures. I want to marry you now, I know they won’t bless me with the same. Now with “Jug Jug ” they won’t take my name. That’s okay. I’ll take those blessing as you are luck to me. The luck that my grandmother had when she was 18. Married to my baba (grandfather ) as his heart had a crown in it.

I don’t want to be yours because I adore you but you are luck to me. And after all the lovely things I said let me make something clear –

A woman when born was assigned to someone. A woman when born is called a girl. A woman when born is named after her father. A woman when born becomes a woman.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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