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Preface – Princess Alice

In this paragraph, Alice sister has jotted down about how premature and out of place, it would be to attempt anything like a complete picture of Alice, so many sides of her characteristics and her viewpoints on Europe’s affairs which she very interested in and formed remarkable opinions about. Adding this she wrote about how the domestic side of her sister’s nature might for that time be dealt with freely and how her mother helped Dr. Sell by selecting the extracts from Alice letters.

Her mother never thought about making these extracts public, but they were found to be so lovely and so true expressions of her sister and were in compliance with her husband ( Grand Duke). The book was allowed, translated and published, to show the people how great the reason they had to love the one they lost.

I’ll write the letters in blogs as they are written in the book. I won’t write the summary or anything so that you could also get a clear picture of Alice’s characteristics and the way she was.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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