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The letters which were written by her mother were given to the English public back then in their original form, and her sister was sure that all the people who read them would be thankful to her mother for granting them a close insight of into Alice beautiful and unselfish life.

Reading those letters they’ll appreciate and will be satisfied with how devoted she was to the land of her birth, how much reverence and affection she had as the country which had done so much and was doing so much for the liberty of the mankind more than any other country in the world. Her deep feelings were testified by her request which was made to her husband to lay an English flag in her coffin, which was accompanying the wish. She wanted to be borne to rest with old English colours above her.

Her sister also wrote that she feels confident that the perusal of these letters must deepen the love and admiration that everybody had for her beloved sister (Alice) in the country where she thanked God that her childhood and youth had been tended with love and developed all those qualified she valued the most and tried to develop in her later years.

Adding all these lovely words from her heart she inscribed that these words are written when a family member whose name was often brought up by Alice in her letter was suddenly snatched from them, her brother. Writing of her brother to her mother in the year 1868, month February Alice said ‘May God spare that young bright gifted life to be a comfort to you for many a year to come!’

Her brother whose life which then hung trembling in the balance, then was mercifully spared and he lived long enough to get that love from her friends and family, and he did give some token of the good gifts to his country which he was endowed. He was the last one to see Alice, so he followed her into the Silent Land.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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