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Book reading session.

Okay, Princess Alice story isn’t getting many views compared to the poetries I used to post. So rather than continuing it without posting anything else, I am thinking of again posting my poetries as it’s a poetry and literature website and I want to give what you are here for. From tomorrow I’ll be posting poetries in the middle of the book reading session.

Book reading session

1- This blog does not mean that I won’t post or continue the book.

2- Every day I’ll post a blog during 8 P.M (Indian timing).

3-You can check blogs related to Alice on my website.

4- For knowing everything about her you have to start from the starting which is the preface of the book.

5- The pictures of Alice are also provided from the book.

6- This book was published in 1884 and was in my grandpa’s library so the book was torn when I found it.

7- I am not a book reviewer, I just like reading a book and would be happy if you read them with me.

8- Thank you for being a part of this website.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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