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Happy someday

I sat quietly beside him,

glimpsing him cry for the lover he left for us.

How can human ask you to remove

someone whom you loved so much?

I could see those tears running through the cheeks,

separating parts like them as their love was impaired.

I looked at him with hopes, one day he’ll forget what he wished for.

I recalled all those moments,

How we chuckled, we giggled our childhood.

I urge to discern him like that,

I want to catch a glimpse of him snickering.

But when I notice him I see,

Broken glass pieces no one could fix,

As holding them would make us bleed a little,

Leaving it as it is would be damaging as well.

I remain there still, letting him whimper,

Things unsettled would one day be overhauled,

He’ll be happy someday I wish.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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