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Brush you held

Coming closer and closer to me,

Giving kisses on my cheeks endlessly.

The brush you held for this masterpiece,

Is a creation of love divinely.

In the air, I smell I am intoxicated with it,

You being my lover is enough you can see.

The colours you put are blended with the fragrance of yours,

Clenching my hands was just huge.

My hair strands with your fingers got grasped,

My heart in your presence did everything undue.

Eyes looking at my were mere heaven,

You are a hundred feelings,

A hundred thoughts and one opinion.

Prayers that lead to my favourite colour pink,

There is no such way in your utterances,

Which doesn’t tease, which doesn’t wink.

And the brush that you held to make me bloom,

You did a tremendous chore

while making me whole, you made my cheeks blush.

Riya Shah

By Ray


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