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I saw love

It was there first meeting, nervously he held her hands,

Choked in her beauty he couldn’t uphold himself.

Are you the weather which changes its colour,

Or the aroma in the atmosphere.

Am I inhaling you with my eyes,

As I see some magically sculpted human.

Giggling at his sayings she blushed like a mermaid,

Coming closer she whispered you are pleasant,

To my body that needs acceptance from the world.

Some coins fell from her satchel,

She tried to clasp them both,

As along with it her heart was falling too.

A server came to them asking what they want,

Before he could utter coffee,

she mumbled tea for two, please.

He saw her with a bizarre expression,

A coffee lover had been proper in his order.

The server looked at him again,

tea for two asserted the lover inside him.

Kissing her while leaving, he left himself along,

You could write me in your musings,

while I see you in my dreams.

I saw love in both the eyes and stood,

As there was him in front of me, holding my hands gently.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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