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Emotional Iceball

Its been the longest night, this breeze is taking my breath away. I am an emotional iceball who sobs when things aren’t going her way. Have you heard about a cry baby? When I was little I cried about everything bare minimum and now I only cry when I watch something tear-worthy. Sometimes in life, you have to make choices. “Choice” for me is existence. Everything that you are, everything that you will be and everything that you want to depend upon what choice you make. Have you ever looked up in the sky reasoning which cloud is white and after hours and hours of thoughts they both looks the same? Yeah, it happens to me every time. So here’s me “An emotional Iceball and confused chopstick”. I don’t know how to make choices. They are like solving maths equation and knowing this thing won’t be easy.

When I was little my brothers always used to tease me and I always use to whimper. Those tears have taken off my childhood and now it’s all smile and sorrow. This year had been the longest year I’ve ever thought of. Everything that I never wanted to face, God threw at me and shouted Catch. And all I wanted to say was Almighty can you be a little lenient towards me but before I could utter anything I forgot that Almighty stopped caring about me. As for him, I was just trying to victimise me for the things I haven’t planned but happened to me.

Now I am “An emotional Iceball, confused chopstick and a victim cream roll”. Eat!

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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