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Life is a circle

The fur in my coat is of animal that has been killed,

Am I getting warm by somebody’s skin?

Crying at those creatures living I sing,

May they die before the world ask them to start over,

And existing is harder,

we shouldn’t be cherishing the beginnings.

I near the fireplace am a sin to myself,

As I see the flames are imitating my anger.

I feel those ashes are showing me my present,

As everything achieved is ashed and I am still burning.

Shawl my grandson kept in my lap,

Saying he got something I couldn’t understand,

Things are different than my fantasy,

I think one day I’ll be born into a different family.

Life is a circle of happenings,

You die, you spring and again you sing.

A different song, a different musing,

Sometime, it will be the lullaby for your grandbaby,

Someday, it will be your hearing,

and someday it will be you who would be hearing.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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