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Let me be a little sane to handle,

I’ll be back soon I swear.

I see the peak, but no way,

Unclear about myself you see?

What were those dreams I have forgotten,

Why is everything so blurry?

I ask for the stick for myself,

What if after crossing the hurdles,

And crusades I don’t reach?

Will you be there for me too?

Or you’ll be laughing when I fall,

Will, you stand like a tree for me,

Will you let them cut me off?

Unto the beaches I reach,

there is nothing calmer I feel,

Still beside and asking for mountain breeze.

I remember when I was twelve,

Swinging like an angel remembering every spell,

Everything is forgotten now by myself,

Adulthood hit me harder than a shell.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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