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1:09 A.M I was sleeping wrapped in his arms,

His warmth took everything else away.

My devastated soul was dreaming about peace,

And suddenly I found it next to me.

Gazing me and adoring all that was inside,

In the twinkling of light, still there all night.

He looked at me like he was in love,

The desire of having me kept him awake,

I too slept with him, but I was far away.

9:00 A.M I was awakened,

I saw a face in my phone yawning like a baby,

All he said was “Good morning love, can I sleep?”

I am still in love with that pure soul,

I wouldn’t go with someone else,

even this wouldn’t have happened before.

Still in dreams with him sleeping next to me,

Maybe, I should doze off before it’s too late to be free.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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