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My magical powers

I touched his hands and he froze,

Wanting to protect him from my flaws.

But the magic that I thought would always save,

Charmed him before I could possess.

The demon he thought a fairy tale life with,

My wand, my grace did give his tale some justice.

A rainstorm he said while looking at me,

I wish I could tell that I am an otherworldly being.

Enchantment a joy of my existence,

For a human being, I couldn’t abandon.

Love they said would make me conquer the world,

Now is a threat to my built empire.

My dragons, my goblins and my folks,

Left everyone just to carry him in my soul.

A piece of light, love and care,

I see my vigour misplaced!

So I took away my sovereignty, just to feel free,

I ain’t a good magician, as I lost myself in love.

I swear someday I’ll be loyal to myself,

Maybe not for enchantment but kindness.

My wand will then keep him safe,

In a ball of tenderness!

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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