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We should talk

Hey, I have been trying to talk with you for so long. Sounds like I’m lonely but I am not. Trying to be comfortable in my clothes yet these bruises don’t fade away and the rain pour reminds me of my past and my happy days. Smiling my heart out as it feels like a responsibility, I have, as if I cry they will be torn apart too. Who will save them from things they never thought would happen with me too? Every drop of my teardrop would be a gunshot to them and all I will be left with would be with nonentity and I never want to injure even with slighted of things that happened to me.

These feelings when conquering my heart makes me go through hell and heaven at the same time. Where I am the demon with the angelic mind. The feeling of undressing is similar to what I have felt. When you spell everything going in your head and all you get in return is anger. The anger issue which I have when I see in somebody else eyes I feel petrified. Petrified to an extent that a poet loses her words. Words that possess everything that’s within. Do you ever wonder when somebody splashes water in the fire you’ve lived with all your life extinguish? It is a feeling of getting harmed with a rose. A rose with beautiful petals and thorns. Holding it could be distressing too, every finger gets hurt, its essence finishes and all you’re left with petal which would wither someday too.

Now we should breathe and let things be.

Goodnight 🌚

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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