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Yours and mine

For the first time in my bed, I don’t want to sleep. I want you to be next to me and you aren’t here, where you are supposed to be. I remember when you said “sit here don’t go to another room”, I knew one day I’ll be waiting for you but you’ll not be here anymore. But I never thought it would be today, isn’t it so early my love?

Damn, I miss you and this feeling is making me choked, my own heart isn’t beating and I am screaming from inside. Nobody in this world could sense this feeling as it’s yours and mine.

I miss you every day, every minute and every second. Your love I could sense in everything you said. Why is everybody’s love they leave unsaid? I remember how clearly you said to me one day “nobody could love you more than me” and left. Why isn’t somebody so sure about me? Why don’t they love me with all they have?

I never felt so loved! I scream and then I shut. So vulnerable that I don’t want to feel anything. Craving somebody like you every day, almighty knows there is nothing that pure. I wish you could stay a little more with me, I wish I could cry in your lap and tell you about every emotion I have ever felt. I want to tell you about how helpless I felt that day when nobody was there and stood still because I knew from somewhere up you were seeing me and shouting “don’t you dare giving up”. So I never gave up on my relations baba, I never asked them to leave but when they stayed I was suppressed honestly. I couldn’t love like you, I count everything they do and cry whenever I don’t get back that love which I thought was mine.


-Riya Shah

By Ray


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