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You said I look beautiful even on my bad hair days, don’t you? So why when I walked wearing my wedding gown in the aisle you cried and couldn’t utter anything. I waited for your compliment after getting ready for you to wear those favourite dangles you picked for me on your trip. You didn’t notice I curled my hairs for you and winged my eyeliner too. I couldn’t cry with you because of all the things they said you would look at and admire me glimmering. Why didn’t you glanced at my eyes that were filled with affection?

Remember the first day when I came closer to you, I was shy and nervous. I felt the same way today. Like I was giving my life to someone who would stay for eternity. The way you saw me filled with tears in your eyes I believe nobody ever admired and celebrated my arrival in their life.

I left my dad’s hand in front of you, his heart was broken but satisfied after seeing your fondness. When he held my hands and took them for bestowing me to you, he said in my ears “ be there for him and never let go”. He never shared me with anybody else do you know? I sense his love towards you must more than mine as I would never give up my heart to anybody else and survive. The vows that you uttered took my whole essence and I realised that you were one of the reasons for my existence.

But you didn’t say I looked beautiful that day, you said I look like yours and I think that equivalent. 

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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